Phil Ivey

When it comes to top poker players Phil Ivey is on the top of the mountain. Phil Ivey has won over $13,000,000 total in his poker career which currently places him as the number one poker player in the world for the most earnings. Ivey is skilled mainly as a no limit hold’em player, but has definitely won his fair share at other games as well like Omaha poker and mixed games. Ivey has been recognized as possibly the best over all poker player in the world by players and observers alike and still continues to shine to this day.

Most people know Phil Ivey from seeing him play on television in the huge live poker events like the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker. These events are also where he has made the largest portion of his $13 million dollar earnings. Phil has taken home eight World Series of Poker bracelets and also holds one World Poker Tour first place title. Along with the first place title that Phil Ivey has taken in the World Poker Tour he has also made the final table a total of nine times! Now if you think poker is simply a game of luck then think again! The obvious success of Phil Ivey can only be accredited to his raw skill and incredible knowledge of the game.

Phil Ivey was born in Riverside, California and soon after moved to Absecon, New Jersey when he was only three months old. New Jersey is also where Ivey first began to skill himself in the art of poker playing late night cash games and tournaments with coworkers at a telemarketing firm he worked at in the late 1990’s. After scaring those opponents off of the tables he slowly stepped up more and more into the poker scene making more appearances in Atlantic City.

Ivey currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not too long ago he and his exwife Luciaetta unfortunately filed for divorce which was made final in late December, 2009. It was sad to see their 7 year marriage end in divorce.

Another incredible attribute about Phil Ivey is his huge heart and how he gives back to the community by donating to different charities. In mid 2008 Ivey donated $50,000 to the Empowered 2 Excel program which helps underprivelaged kids in Las Vegas and also started the Budding Ivey Foundation which is a continuation of his grandfather’s work. This foundation raised over $250,000 in early July 2008 at one charity poker tournament.

Much more than just an incredible poker player who has won an immense amount of money, Phil Ivey is an overall great human being. He is the number one poker player in the world and has won more money from the game than any other player. He has a large list of huge poker tournaments that he has done amazing in and also has a huge list of ways that he has given back to the community and really proved that he appreciates his good fortune.