Peter Eastgate

Peter Eastgate, only twenty five years old, has already made a huge name for himself by claiming his spot as the fourth highest earning poker player in the world! There are players who could only dream of playing at the top caliber that this man tears into the game with and he has barely lived his life as a man. As a poker player Eastgate has earned over $11,000,000 total and continues to add to it every single time he sits at a table.

The main reason Peter Eastgate has gained such a status in the poker world is primarily because of his 2008 World Series of Poker victory where he took down his first bracelet. This single win alone brought in an incredible increase to his bankroll by adding over $9,000,000 not to mention his two additional final table appearances. This win did more than change the life of young Eastgate, it made him a millionaire! Along with this great success at the World Series of Poker, Eastgate has also had some pretty good luck with the European Poker Tour with his six money finishes. Two of those finishes at the European Poker Tour were even final table finishes!

Growing up was pretty easy for Eastgate. He was raised in Dalum, a small suburb in Odense, Denmark and was quickly introduced to the game of poker. His classmates at Sct. Canute’s Gymnasium introduced him to the game that he would soon grow to dominate in. He then continued his schooling to Aarhus to begin studying ethics only to later drop out and persue his career as a professional poker player. From that point in time he has started a rampage on the poker scene and continues to crush the games to this day. There have been many rumors about Eastgate quitting poker for good, all of which are untrue. While he would never have to work again after his huge win at the World Series of Poker, he still continues to play. Eastgate loves the game of poker and while he might not need to ever work again, he will probably have his head in the game for many years to come.

The young legend Peter Eastgate might not have that long of a history in the game, but he really has already managed to make a huge impact in the poker world as soon as he stepped foot on the scene. Twenty five year old Eastgate is very young and has plenty of years to come ahead of him in his poker career. He has won over $11,000,000 in total poker earnings and has rightfully won his place as the fourth highest earning poker player in the world. Keep an eye out for Eastgate in the near future. You will more than likely get plenty of chances to see him in many televised live events like the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour. Watch Peter Eastgate take to the tables and show what he is really about!