Juan Carlos

Born on April 13th 1972 in Ambato, Spain, Juan Carlos Mortensen nor his parents could have ever known that he would become the first Spaniard to take down a World Series of Poker bracelet. Through his teenage years Mortensen had a fine obsession for poker and many other forms of gambling. After viewing his success and the success of his colleges he realized that he needed to take a chance and make a change for the better. In the early 1990’s Mortensen and his poker buddies decided that they needed to move to the US so that they could persue their goals of becoming professional poker players. Unfortunately Mortensen was the only one to become super successful, but it did earn him his spot just barely squeezing into the top ten highest earning poker players at number 10 with his grand total of slightly over $9,700,000 bankroll!

For only coming into the poker scene in 2001, Mortensen has already built up quite the reputation for himself. Not only is Mortensen the first Spaniard to win the World Series of Poker, but he has twice and now holds two bracelets. Those wins alone not including his other eighteen money finishes count for close to $2,000,000 of his total career earnings. Mortensen has also done a phenomenal job in the World Poker Tour as well with three first place titles, four final tables, and fourteen money finishes total.
One thing that Juan is most proud of is that he is the first and only Spaniard to take down a World Series of Poker bracelet. He claims that he did it for his country and for his own personal knowledge of ensuring he was a legitimate force on the poker tables. Mortensen has not only proved to Spain, the US, and himself that he is an incredible poker player, but he has also proved this fact to the entire world.

Originally from Spain, Mortensen moved to the US in the early 1990’s in order to persue his dream of becoming a professional poker player. Immediately a few of Mortensen’s fellow Spanish peers who moved with him bought him into the World Series of Poker. Unfortunately Mortensen had a hard lesson to learn when he didn’t even make it through half of the field. In later side events and smaller events Mortensen did manage to earn a nice $50,000 that year which pushed him into his incredible place as the tenth highest earning poker player in the world with a total earning of just over $9,700,000!
A bit of heartbreak struck Mortensen in 2006 when he and his wife Cecilia Reyes Mortensen filed for divorce. There was no true coverage of what happened in the situation, but friends and family alike could tell the heartbreak the was deep inside of Mortensen after this unfortunate event.

As if being the first Spaniard to win the World Series of Poker wasn’t enough, Mortensen has also climbed his way to the top to become the first Spaniard to take one of the top ten spots for highest earning poker player in the world. Mortensen has won tons of huge live main events and side events and has really shown the world why he is one of the best on the tables!