Joe Hachem

Another great force on the poker tables is young Arabic Aussie Joe Hachem. Hachem has been around the poker scene for years now and has really proved to his opponents that he is no joke on the poker tables. With the gift of reading his opponents’ hands and being able to make sick bluffs Hachem has reached the position number six on the list of highest earning poker players with over $10,700,000 in total earnings. Joe Hachem has made more than most people even fathom making in a lifetime in only a few short years and is now one of the most powerful players on the felt.

Hachem is definitely proud to say that even though he only holds one World Series of Poker bracelets, it is still more impressive to himself that he is the first ever Australian to win the event with his 2005 World Series of Poker victory which accounts for $7,500,000 of his total earnings. He has also made it to the money about ten times in the Worlds Series of poker as well. In the World Poker Tour Hachem holds one title and three other money finishes as well. His first place victory accounts for just over $2,200,000 of his total earnings.

Joe Hachem was born in 1966 in Australia and currently still resides there. Hachem and his wife have been married since 1989 and are still enjoying their long exciting marriage together. They have four children together who also have been taught how to play poker to help teach discipline. Hachem also owns and manages a mortgage company along with his poker career. Hachem is also a big time golfing fan. Hachem said that he loves to go out golfing with his friends and family and has been seen on an occasion of times playing with other fellow professional poker players.

Hachem is a known tight aggressive poker player. He accredits himself most for being able to make some of the hardest laydowns that other players who aren’t as skilled in discipline as he is wouldn’t be able to do and would end up stacked. Hachem rarely bluffs on a made hand or no hand at all. One of his main hands he likes to bluff with are draws. He said he is able to interpret what his opponent is thinking very well and when he is wrong has has an outstanding hand that he could draw out to.

Even though he isn’t the biggest name in the world of poker Joe Hachem has really struck gold. With over $10,700,000 in total earnings Joe Hachem is the sixth highest earning poker player in the world. He has many sponsors and has been living a sweet life while cashing in big on the poker tables. You will probably see Joe Hachem at any televised big money live event. He is a true competitor and is no fool on the poker tables.