Jamie Gold

Jamie Gold is a true top competitor in the field of poker. There aren’t too many players that will sit across from him with a feeling of confidence as they play. Gold is the third most successful poker player in the world based on his total earnings of $12,230,000! He has been very successful in the field of poker and has made it more than a habit to bring in the huge collective bankroll that he has today. With one hand filled with luck and his other hand filled with pure skill he has managed to dominate the tables and take as much money from his opponents as they will allow him. He has become a large force to deal with when it comes to poker!

One of the main things that Jaime Gold can be accredited with is his 2006 World Series of Poker main event bracelet. He dominated a final table against some of the top players in the world such as Allen Cunningham by carrying his 4 day march as chip leader. With this large addition to his bankroll he currently holds the third place for the highest earnings for a poker player in the world. No limit hold’em is his specialty being as that was the game he was taught by his mentor and top competetive player, Johnny Chan.

Along with being a professional poker player, Jaime Gold is also an American television producer for Buzznation and is also a talent agent. Gold is a very busy man with his career as a producer and talent agent, but he still manages to keep up with playing in many big live poker events. While he surely has plenty of cash coming in anyways, Gold has really made quite a good fortune as well in his poker career.
Originally born in Kansas City, Missouri as Jaime M. Usher, his name was shortly changed to Jaime Gold when his mother remarried to a man named Dr. Robert Gold. At one point Gold was talking about making a television show with Chris Ferguson and Johnny Chan in 2005 when Chan began to mentor Gold in the game of poker. He soon took the genius that rubbed off on him and applied it to the tables. Gold has been a winning player ever since and is now one of the highest paid poker players in the world.

Even though Jaime Gold is a very busy man with his career as a major television producer and talent agent. His contacts once consisted of names as large as Jimmy Fallon and Lucy Liu and he is still able to take the time out to make a killing on the poker tables while taking his opponents to school. Jaime Gold is a tank on the poker tables. Make sure that if you are on the receiving end sitting across from him one day that you procede with caution. He is a shark who is looking for fish to dine on!