Erik Seidel

Originally from New York, professional poker player Erik Seidel now lives in the heart of it all in the great poker city of Las Vegas, Nevada. While it was poker that motivated Seidel to move to the west coast, it was money that motivated him to continue playing poker professionally. In current standings, Erik Seidel is the number nine highest earning poker player in the world. Seidel has done almost everything in the book to get to this point including winning the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour along with dominating cash games like a pro. Seidel’s total earnings consist of over $9,700,000 which is just enough for his number eight seat.

Tournaments for card games started much before hold’em for Seidel. Before his career as a professional hold’em player he was a full time Backgammon player. He was in with the likes of David Sklansky and Dan Harrington and made the move to hold’em around the same time as they did.