Daniel Negreanu

There aren’t too many poker players who haven’t heard of Daniel Negreanu’s incredible skill on the poker tables. Negreanu is definitely one poker dog who has taken his walk around the block. One would have to in order to take the second place spot of most money earned in their career behind top poker pro Phil Ivey. Negreanu has won over $12,000,000 in total career winnings which is an insane amount of money to take home just from playing the shark of the poker tables. Negreanu has worked long and hard in his career as a professional poker player in order to obtain the stature and resepect he is now given on the tables by even every other top poker pro in the world.

A large portion of Negreanu’s total career earnings can be based off of how successful he has been in the major poker tournaments that he has dominated at in the past few years. Negreanu currently holds four World Series of Poker bracelets along with two World Poker Tour titles under his belt as well! If that isn’t a great reputation for a player then I don’t know what is! Negreanu has been taking advantage of just how skilled he is at reading his opponents on the tables. Many times Negreanu has been heard calling out his opponents’ hands sometimes even stating if they were suited or not! He has taken a speed course in practical magic on the poker tables and still continues to dominate the opposition to this day.

Negreanu is a full blooded Canadian who always brings his “eh” game to the tables! Negreanu’s parents were from Romania and aimed to move to the Americas in search of a better life. They ended up landing on Toronto, Canada where his father found work as an electrician and ended up having little baby Daniel. By the age of 15 it was more than obvious to Daniel’s parents that he was going to live a far from normal lifestyle. He was soon seen all around Toronto hustling pool halls at sports bets and playing cards. In only a few short years Negreanu had hustled up a decent bankroll and started playing with the big boys.

Negreanu currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada where the poker action is! In 2005 Negreanu married Lori Lin Weber only to later file for divorce  in 2007. You have probably seen Negreanu on late night poker shows like Poker After Dark playing in high stakes games. He also takes time out to go to many of the large casinos like the Bellagio and many other large American casinos.

Daniel Negreanu currently holds the second place spot in the world for the largest poker earnings cashing in at over $12,000,000. He holds four World Series of Poker bracelets and two World Poker Tour first place titles under his belt. You can see him in nearly every large poker event that is televised. He seems to never miss a shot at another big title. Keep your eye out for Daniel Negreanu. He is a force to be reckoned with on the tables and will always dominate the tables with his raw skill in the art of poker.