Allen Cunningham

Since 1977 when Allen Cunningham was born he has always been a very smart cookie. With all of the intense application to the game that Cunningham shows it is more than apparent that hard work and great discipline really pays off. For Cunningham it has done so in a literal sense and has put him in the position of number eight in the world’s highest earning professional poker players. Allen Cunningham has earned more than $9,900,000 total in his career as a poker player and still continues to invest his time in the game and is constantly earning more and more incredible additions to his bankroll. Whether it be tournament play or cash games, Cunningham is a true beast on the poker tables and it takes a true knight to knock him out.

While Cunningham does play a good deal of poker cash games, the main bulk of his total earnings come from his incredibly competetive tournament play skills. Cunningham is very good at reading his opponents and will not hold back one bit from riding his raw skill and pure talent all the way into the money. Right now Cunningham currently holds five World Series of Poker bracelets that started way back in 2001. These five bracelets are in addition to his other forty money finishes in the World Series of Poker. His total earnings based on just the World Series of Poker is $6,700,000! Cunningham is also a regular face at another huge live poker event that everyone has heard of which is the World Poker Tour. Cunningham holds twelve money finishes at the World Poker Tour and has taken down the title twice as well! His incredible skill at tournament play has definitely paid off for Cunningham.

Intelligence has always surrounded Allen Cunningham even since he was a young child. Cunningham got straight A’s in school and soon enrolled in college at UCLA to become a civil engineer. After soon realizing that he was making great sums of cash playing poker he soon dropped out of college and started playing poker professionally. Cunningham was right in the heart of it all and couldn’t resist the large amounts of money he was able to win. Since then Cunningham has managed to handle himself like a true champion and take down many bracelets and titles along with huge sums of cash.

While Allen Cunningham might not be as popular of a player as some of the better known players out there he is the number eight highest earning poker player in the world right now. Cunningham has earned over $9,900,000 total in his career and also holds five World Series of Poker bracelets along with two World Poker Tour titles. Allen Cunningham is an incredible poker player and has done more than prove it to the whole entire world with his personal track record.