Playing poker online and live can be fun and exciting, but it can also be challenging when it comes to reading players. If your reads are not accurate you will surely lose a lot of money at the tables, so you want to make sure your radar is spot on.

Poker tells is the art of observing your opponents for any clues, habits, behaviors or physical tells that gives other players more information about your hand.

Online poker isn’t exactly like playing a card game in person, but it does have its own nuances and ways of interacting with opponents. When you are sitting in person at a poker table, there are ways to read your opponents that give you insight into their style of play and ultimately their hand. Poker tells are a huge part of the game and players are giving away information without even realizing it.

When you are playing the game and find yourself having to make a tough decision with a marginal holding, the process of spotting poker tells becomes increasingly important, because it is your money at stake. You can tell a lot about your opponents by speed of play, facial expressions, general body language, and what players say. Many players give off tells in the following manner – they will act as if they have a strong hand when they have a weak hand, and act as if they have a weak hand when they actually have a strong hand.

But what do you do if you are playing online poker? You can’t actually see your opponents, so how can you read their body language? You don’t know their connection speed so how do you know precisely their speed of play?

Well, there are aspects of playing a Texas holdem poker game online that can help you learn to read your opponents and pickup any online poker tells. In the beginning it is hard to focus on these aspects because you are paying so much attention to playing your own hand and keeping up with the pace. But once you are comfortable with your game, however, you can start to focus on this aspect of the game to identify your opponents’ styles in a Texas holdem poker game online. Experienced players will tell you that it’s actually one of the most important aspects of the game.

In online poker, since you can’t actually see your opponent when playing a Texas holdem poker game online, the main attribute to focus on is speed of play.

Online poker games generally have what they call “in-turn” buttons which allow you to set your bet option before it is your turn. You may select to check, raise, or fold not being concerned with what the players before you are going to do. Think about what would make you make these decisions before you see another player’s action. If you are willing to raise no matter what, then you probably have a strong hand. The same would likely hold true then for an opponent. If you see that opponents’ bets in a Texas holdem poker game online are coming immediately after another player acts, then they have likely used the in-turn button.

Timing tells apply to when you see a player instantly call a bet on the flop or later streets. If they quickly call a bet on a connected board where there is alot of draws out there, its usually a good indication they are on a draw.

Another online poker tell to watch for in a Texas holdem poker game online is a player who often takes the maximum time to bet and may even get automatically folded quite a bit for not making bets within the allotted time. These players are often multi-tabling and playing more then one online table at once. When playing against these mass multi-tablers it is wise to observe what they are doing on other tables. If they are involved in a big pot on another table, it can be profitable to bluff them of a weaker holding because they will be more focused on the other table and paying attention to it.