Taking Shots and Making Money

Taking Shots and Making More
When you play successful poker you are making money in increments according to the limit that you are playing at. The higher the limit you play at the more money you make. As a whole in poker you want to make as much money as you can. Since this is true you want to become good enough to move up as fast as you can. The quicker you move up the quicker you start seeing bigger numbers.
Always follow proper bankroll management to avoid losing more money than necessary. Naturally you will make more money and move up to the higher limits. There is no need to rush things beyond how fast the game comes to you. Sometimes players will take a shot at the higher limit and be successful for a few buy ins. They then proceed to lose much more than they ever did before because they are playing against smarter players and cannot keep up.
Make it Natural
You never want to force yourself to move up to a higher limit game. If you do not feel comfortable moving up then you should stay at the limit you are at until you have enough money that you will be able to afford a few more loses before you move up. This uncomfortable feeling can affect you just lilt tilt and you need to avoid it.
Take one or two buy in shots at moving up. Don’t try to make a move up when losing that much of your bankroll would set you so much farther behind. It is hard to move up but as long as it is a natural progression with your learning and skill it will work out fine.
Mix the limits. Play two tables of your normal limit and then two at the higher limit. You can do this to help you get used to the wins and loses of the larger amount of money. You are only in half of the higher pots as you would be when you were moving up completely on all the tables you play. Slowly accepting that it is a part of the game is a lot easier than just jumping in all at once.
Bankroll Management
Since you will be making more money you will be building up a nice bankroll at the site you are playing. Even though you have a lot of money you cannot go crazy with it. Without that amount of money you wouldn’t be able to play the game that is making you that money.
If you are going to withdraw money from a site you have to make sure that you are only taking enough that you are still able to progress to the higher limit in a reasonable amount of time. By delaying your step up to the higher limit you are only losing money that you would have had sooner if you didn’t withdraw as much.
If you are withdrawing money from your account to live off of you want to have even more money than you normally would for a limit. Since you could possibly go on a large downswing and lose a lot of your money you need to be able to afford that and still continue to play. If you don’t have money to put on the tables then you cannot win any more money. Be sure to have nearly double the buy ins you would normally have. Instead of moving up around 30 buy ins you want to have around 50 buy ins so that you are padded against variance.
When to Stop
Some players like to play until they find a limit that they are comfortable playing at and also comfortable with the amount of money they are winning and then set up camp there for a while. These players are normally living off of their rakeback and winnings and play to support themselves.
When you do decide to stop you need to pick a site that has a lot of traffic through it and also offers a good rakeback deal. You can sign up for a Cake Poker account at nolimit411 and receive 33% rakeback. This site is great for that final site because the Cake network links all of their sites together and the players are all playing against one another. This means that there is always a game running that is perfect for you and what you want to play.
A good way to figure out when you want to stop is to get to the point that you can use your rakeback to live off of and then use your winnings to make you progress more in the limits. This will unfortunately take a lot longer to move up but because you are making enough off of rakeback to live off of you need not worry about when you move up or not and it should again come naturally.