Importance of Poker Education

Why Educate Yourself?
Most players that sit down and try to play poker professionally as a career think that they are going to jump right into making tons of money. They see all the top players who have done it and get this false reality about the game and how it will work. In all actuality it takes quite a bit of time to achieve the status that these professional level players have. These players have studied the game to the point that their thoughts behind their plays have revolutionized how poker has been played.
Some of these pro level players have taken the game to a whole new level by opening Pandora’s Box of poker secrets. The professional players who have made loads of money already have taught all their best tricks for those out there that are willing to learn. Mimicking these pro level players is the best way to make a lot of money yourself.
Educating yourself about the game through any means possible is the very best way to win money at poker. The more you know than your opponent the better off you will be matched up against them. This means that you will take their money instead of giving them yours. There are a few main ways to educate yourself about poker. The following are some of the best.
Instructional Videos
Instructional videos are a great tool used to sharpen your poker skills. There are videos for every limit and game imaginable. Professional players will set up their screen so that you see the tables they are playing on and the hole cards they hold. They then walk through the hand and explain their thought process and reasoning why they take an action that they take. The player can take notes on these videos and then study them. Later they can apply what they have learned to their game.
There are also instructional videos out that are done is a classroom format. This is easier for players to take notes on and actually runs a lot smoother. In the other form of videos the instructor has to teach based on what hands come up. This can make it hard for them to elaborate on a specific topic. In the classroom videos the instructor starts with a topic and then continues the whole video on it. This style of note taking works very well because once the player has figured out what they need to work on in their game they can find an instructional video that teaches just that.
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Self Revision
There are different programs out there they you can use to keep track of every hand that you play. This keeps all of your statistics while you play. The great thing about this is you can look at your winning hands and losing hands and see why they turned out how they did. If you have a hand in which you won an all –in then you can look over every street of that hand and see what you did correctly to win as much as you did. If you lose a hand then you can go back to it and see where you made mistakes so that you can eliminate them and not repeat the same ending reaction.
With these tools you can also set up what your statistics need to be so that you are a winning player. When you do this you can either tighten up your game or maybe open up a little bit more. You can see the stats of a winning player and then adjust your play accordingly to each of these stats that you are trying to match and you will experience the same results as the winning player.
You can also copy your hands that you had trouble with and post them in forums and blogs. There are always players that are looking for other hands that they can analyze and help other players with.
These forums are simply amazing for any player who plans to be serious about the game. Your main goal is to make money. The more you learn about the game the more money you will make in the long run. When you post your hands that you have trouble with in the forums, players like yourself come and look at it and talk about it with each other until they figure out and understand why and what are the correct plays to make. You can go and review other player’s threads with what you think is the correct way to play the hand.
By doing this you are gaining all the same experience that you would if you were to be at the table in the hand yourself. The great thing about it is you are not risking your own money at this. You can help improve your game by mentally being in all these extra hands and performing the critical thinking needed to progress your way through a hand of poker. Because you haven’t lost any of the money you originally deposited to gain this experience you will start making money faster.
You want to be focusing as well as possible on using all of these methods of educating yourself to your advantage. If you don’t get better your opponents will and they will take all of your money. If you stay on top of your game you will be rolling in cash in no time.