Furthering Your Education

Furthering Your Education
No matter what you have to study the game of poker to become better at it. The player who knows how the game works the best will normally make more correct plays and ultimately win more money. As long as you are playing against players that are weaker than you and less skilled at the game than you it is certain you will make money.
You should already be watching instructional videos and taking notes on them. You should also be reading those notes and trying to memorize everything that you learn. You should also be reading and posting in forums by this point. It is crucial that you go over hand histories and post hand histories so that you can see what you are doing wrong and learn to change accordingly. You should be reading articles and taking notes on them with your notes on videos.
There are few things that are also important in being successful once you start to get a better understanding of the game as well. These are things that will help you to better your game not only in the plays that you make but your understanding the theory and practice of why you make all of these plays.
Make Poker Buddies
Everyone that played home games before they started playing online had poker buddies that would come over on Friday night and sit around a deck of 52 cards having a great time talking about how horrible each other is at poker. It is important that you make friends with players who begin to study the game as much as yourself as well when you start becoming successful.
You can still talk to your old poker buddies about poker, but it won’t be the same. There are going to be a lot of things that they will talk about that you don’t believe to be true and indeed isn’t true. You cannot do this all too often because it can tend to distort your own thoughts about the game while debating it with them.
Your new poker friends that are also students of the game will be amazingly helpful later on down the road. Since they are taking the same path that you are you can talk to them about all aspects of what you are both doing and how their experience has been. You can discuss serious hand histories with them and try to come up with the best play and why it would have been the best way to go about the hand. You can talk to them about having swings and having trouble with moving past a limit. These players can even watch you play and talk to you about any leaks they see in your game. All in all it is very helpful to have friends that also study the game.
Study Even More
When you first start you will normally spend around half your time studying the game and the other half playing. Once you start to get the hang of the game and start to win you will naturally want to play more than study, but it is very important that you still study at least a third of time you spend with poker.
After you have been a successful winning player for a while and have moved up to the low to medium stakes you should then pick back up on how much time you spend studying. At the higher games there are a lot of players who are very good. To be able to compete you have to keep up. If at any time you stop learning more about the game your opponents are still learning more and will eventually be way more skilled than you. This means they will take all of your money. That’s no fun.
Purchase a subscription at some of the top poker strategy sites. When you were first starting the amount of money to get these subscriptions was seemingly too large to purchase. Now that education has proven to make you more money in the long run it is a great investment to make these purchases.
Another way to further your poker education is to become a teacher of the game. Remember those old poker buddies of yours you had? Well pick one of them that you think would be the best at trying to play the game seriously and start them out on their journey to become a successful poker player. This will help you come to a lot of self realizations about your own game in a whole different degree of thought.
Play Against Better Opponents
You should normally be trying to play against players that are weaker than you so that you can win more money. Well once you have won a reasonable amount you should take the time to play at a table that has a lot of tight aggressive players as well instead of looking for a fish.
Playing with the stronger players should not be done too often, but is important that it is done. Being in hands with these players will help you to get a full grasp of the way a hand should flow. This way you are seeing a lot of the different approaches that can be taken with different hands that these players are using. This helps you to open up your vocabulary of plays.
These players will also be able to learn from you as well. They are just normal people like yourself that have decided they want to be excellent at poker and win lots of money. It is a lot like the forums in how you are sharing the experience of good poker with each other. It is important that you are broken in on this style of play because once you are playing at the higher limits all you will see are other players just like yourself. At that point it is a matter of who knows the game better.