This article will not look at how to cheat in poker, but how to spot cheating, with an emphasis on online poker cheating. Since online poker was introduced, some players inevitability try to cheat to gain an unfair advantage. Some players can’t beat the games legitimately so resort to cheating to try and win money. Of course, cheating occurs in all card games and it’s no different in land based casinos or home games, but each online poker room has security measures in place to prevent poker cheating when it does happen, and you can be confident they do a good job of identifying the cheaters.

In fact, with the advanced security in place now by many of the leading online poker rooms, finding the cheaters has never been easier. As an online player, you should feel safe playing on any of the credible poker sites. Online poker rooms realize that cheating players can be detrimental to the poker room if it becomes evident the poker room is insecure and unsafe. Players need to know they are playing in a honest game, so it’s in their best interests to identify the online cheaters and ban them from playing in their poker room.

Some players who want to deceive the poker rooms use different account names on the same site, but they do not know something very important. The online poker rooms have the ability to trace the IP addresses of all the users and if some of them tries to make a second registration it will not permit this. Each player is only permitted to use and play with one account, multiple accounts is against the terms of service of all online poker rooms.

My advice is not to do multi-accounting on online poker sites, it will have some serious and unpleasant consequences for you, which can often result in losing all the funds in your account. First of all, your access to the site will be denied and you can never play there again. Second, your account will be terminated and will lose the chance to spend your money playing Texas Holdem. You have to understand that this is intolerable act and you will lose the respect and the confidence of the other players.

The main reason that online poker rooms have measures in place to prevent multi-accounting is because its a form of collusion. In short, a multi-accounter is when one player opens two or more accounts with different aliases for the purpose of participating in the same tournament to gain an unfair advantage, because they will know the hole cards of other players if they are seated at the same table, which is inevitable to happen if two or more accounts reach the final table of a tournament. This is what is called collusion.

The colluders gain additional information and use it in order to beat the players and take their money. It is not very difficult for the cheaters, because no matter which player will win, the profit is split between all the cheaters. Collusion occurs in cash game tables as well so you need to be observant at the tables. If you see players  chatting in a foreign language in the online chat at the tables, it is possible they are discussing the hands and colluding, so make the poker site aware about it if you suspect suspicious play.

Each online poker room has special software which reports all the hands that are played and if there is  the slightest suspicion about poker cheating, the poker room will work hard to identify and ban the network of cheaters and reimburse the funds of the players who were cheated.

If you really want to win money while playing online poker at a reputable poker room my advice is not to cheat. You can take advantage of bonuses and promotions offered by poker rooms. This will give you a legitimate way to boost your bankroll. Cheating is not appropriate behavior for the real poker player.