Razz Poker

Razz is practically the same poker game as the seven card stud. The only difference is that the lowest hand wins in Razz. They deal with seven cards but only 5 are used for forming a complete hand. This is usually played with a maximum of eight (8) players with limited betting. This means that every player has a fixed amount to bet in every round. Each player antes is dealt two cards facing downward (hole cards), the other facing up. This is known as the door card. The highest door card showing has to be brought in; this should be played as the mandatory first bet. These are normally one third to half of the regular bet. In instances wherein two have a door card with the same rank, this should be determined by the suit.
The highest possible suit is the spades, next is the ace of hearts followed by the ace of diamonds and lastly the ace of clubs. The king spade is the worst possible door card and a guaranteed bring in. The play continues clockwise as with the stud poker.
In Razz after the first round of betting, each player still in the hand is given another card face up. This starts with the lowest hand showing. The game continues this way until the fifth card at which point the betting increments double. The seventh card dealt is face down. The action begins with the same player who opens the sixth cards. In most forms of poker, after each hand the deal rotates to the left.
Rules of Playing Razz
All players ante a nominal amount or an exact amount that will depend on the game. It is displayed on the table. Every player is dealt with two hole cards and one exposed card. The bring in player is the one with the highest exposed card and he will be forced to make another nominal bet of the small full bet (exact amount), the action continues clockwise on the poker table until it is completed for that round.
Rule note: In Razz determining the bring in, the ties in card rank are broken by suit, the order being from the highest to the lowest: the spades, the heart & the diamonds are visible at the beginning of the hand. The highest card is the queen, the bring in therefore would be the queen of hearts.
Every player should receive another exposed card, known as the fourth street. The player with the strongest exposed hand is the first one to place a bet. Every player will then be given another exposed card known as the fifth street. The same is true with the previous games. The one that will act first is the person whose exposed card is the lowest.

Rule Note:
Beginning on the fifth street and on the rest of the hands, all bets are in big bet increments. Every player will be given another exposed card called the sixth street. The same is true with the above mentioned; the first person or player to act is the player with the lowest card exposed. Every player now receives the seventh and last card which is dealt face down.
In instances where more than one remaining player is left during the final bet is completed in razz, the last player, the raiser shows his or her cards first (seat 1, seat 2 ….so on).
How to Play Razz
In Razz there are no straights or flushes. In this game you don’t want a high hand, even if they are in high pairs, they are going to count against you. Therefore, you will need to remove that initial raise in expectation after being dealt with poker pairs because they are not needed. In razz the lower card counts. So having one in your hole is good thing. If you need to have a pair, then an ace is good to go. So you can still expect to be dealt a pocket ACE.
As the game begins, each player is dealt their hole, two cards that must be face down. At this point each player will also be dealt one card face up on the table. The betting begins with the player who has the highest face up card. This is likely playing with the blinds because they have no choice but to start the bidding. Unlike old version poker games, the cards will randomly deal in a certain manner. It could be the same person to start the bidding every start of the game. The highest card holder in the beginning is not allowed to fold out from the beginning
Now you are considered to have 3 cards. After the betting has closed the 4th card will be dealt face up and the betting will start again. Tall regular poker betting, folding, and checking are always in the same place. The same thing will happen to 5th and 6th deals but with a slight difference. The difference is that it’s not the player who dealt the lowest card beginning the betting. When the last card or the 7th card was dealt and after a round of betting, players lay down their 2 hole cards to see who wins the lowest spot.