Poker Tournaments

Summary of Different Types of Poker Tournaments
Poker has become a world wide phenomenon over the past few years. Almost everybody knows how to play this game. Most people gave internet poker all the credits for the bang in popularity, but the introduction of tournament poker in casinos has done plenty of things for the rapid growth of poker.
Poker tournaments increased in popularity exponentially in the last few years. This is because of the already vast numbers of growing poker playing locations. The high growth of players is due to the fact that not all players who want to lay tournaments can go to land based casinos. It’s not very practical or advisable for a player to go to a specific tournament and on a specified date and place. Online poker can offer any schedule that you want; you can sit on the table anytime you please. The advantage of playing online tournaments is that, you can have strategy guides and other reading material or even odd calculators. Another difference is that you are placing a small bet compared to the amount that is up for grabs. The payouts are a lot bigger compared to other games.
There is a wide variety of poker tournaments that you can bump into. Some these are:
Sit and Go
Sit and Go is a tournament which doesn’t have a pre assigned start time. It simply begins when the number of players is complete. There are many types of sit and go, ranging in size from heads up to 360 players, in satellite and cash tournament form.
Double or Nothing
Double or nothing is a Sit and Go type of tournament. In a double or nothing sit and go tournament, half of the players who join win a double buy in. For example, in a $10 tournament with ten entrants, the top five players win $20 and the 6-10 players will win nothing. The game finishes when the prices are reached. You can find “double or nothing under “sit and go” and “single table tournaments”.
Steps is a special type of sit and go tournament. By playing the steps tournament, you can place a small investment and turn it into a large prize by working your way up from step 1 to 6. Initial bet can start from $7.50 and you work all the way up the ladder to win prizes worth thousands of dollars.

Multi table tournaments
In the multi table tournament, each player starts with an equal number of chips. Players at numerous tables battle for one another’s chips. When you run out of chips, you are eliminated from the tournament. As players are removed, the tables are broken. This means players are moved to keep the table full or evenly balanced. The few surviving players with chips are brought together at the final table. The winner is the individual who gathers all the chips from his or her opponent. The prices are awarded to players on the basis of the number of tournament entries.
This is a special kind of multi table tournaments. Normally, people are moved from table to table to occupy or to balance the number of players on each table. Eventually, the last remaining player at the final table wins. In the shootout tournament no table balancing is needed. You remain in the original place you were until you are the only person left standing.
In double shootout, you need to win two tables to win in the event. There is also money for those players who reach the final table. Each starting table is played to its conclusion; the final table is formed from the winners of the first round matches. For a triple shootout, one must win three tables in the entire tournament. The tournament can continue to forth and so on and so forth.
A satellite is a tournament in which the prize is an entry into a larger amount play. It can be less expensive joining a satellite than joining a main tournament directly. Multi-table satellites are scheduled as a regular tournament with only one difference. This tournament will only play down to the number required to award all of the equal value seats.
Re-buy Tournament
Re-buy tournament is a tournament in which you can buy more chips during the event. In a freeze out tournament, when you run out of chips you are also out of the game. In a re-buy tournament, you can buy more chips at your own will.