Omaha Poker for Money

Omaha Poker Overview

Omaha Poker is a very close cousin of Texas Hold’em poker. It is one of the very popular variants of the game. In the modern day poker game, the Pot Limit Omaha is the newest version of Hold’em. It has blown the limits off the Texas Hold’em poker games; taken the game to the highest level ever. Maybe the game has become very difficult to beat at the sixth level, and the problem could be traced to the short handed play that can favor the naturally aggressive player. The software tracking system introduced, known as Poker Crusher has altered the way that people play the game. The overall level of education with regards to the average player has also been raised considerably. Pot Limit Omaha is now played by professional players.
Very many people are now trying their best to master Pot Limit Omaha poker in the same way they did the no-limit version for so many reasons. One of the reasons they are doing this is because, pot limit play forces more players to either fold their hands or play poker on the flop and beyond. There are no all-in shoves available here, to purposely short stack before the flop. Players are forced to play on the flop and beyond; and with many more card combinations available, the game has a greater degree of skill in certain areas than the no limit Texas Hold’em version. It is also a game that if anyone took the time and the effort to really master, they could have many profitable years in online poker.
Rules of Omaha Poker
Omaha has similar rules with Texas Hold’em with some very few variations. To begin the game, each player in Omaha is dealt 4 cards face-down instead of the 2 as done in Hold’em. The 4 cards as well as the community ones that are five and dealt in the middle, form the best poker hand possible. The player then forms their best hand and here also is noted some major difference between Omaha Poker and Hold’em; in that you use any combination of your two face down cards and the five community cards to make your best hand in the later. You are allowed to use one card from your hand and four from the board, two from your hand and three from the board, or play the five on the board. In Omaha poker, though, the player must use both of their hole cards when forming the best five card hand. You don’t have any options of using just one card. So if you hold your AhKd face down and the board is 10h 9h 3h 2h Qs, in Omaha you only have an Ace high hand, and not a flush. This is because it is required that you must have and use both of your hold cards. In Hold’em, one is required to have an Ace high flush with hearts, and it is required that you use only one of your hole cards which you do in any way you choose; but that is not the way you go about it in Omaha. Omaha is also slightly different in that it is commonly played as a high/low split game and this is known as Omaha HiLo or Omaha/8, in which the highest hand and the lowest hand split the pot.

How to Play Omaha Poker
The game starts when players post a small and a big blind before any cards are dealt. There are no antes in Omaha as there are in games like 7 Card Stud. This is because the forced small and big blind bets take the place of antes. The blinds and dealer button rotates around the table so that players can take turns to be the small blind, big blind, and dealer. After the blinds are placed each player in Omaha is then dealt 4 cards face down, instead of 2 as in Texas Hold’em poker. What follows in the game is exactly like Hold’em, with a round of pre-flop betting followed by a three card flop being dealt from the community cards shared by all players. The fourth card placed is called the ‘turn’ and the fifth one is called ‘the river’. The players complete one last round of betting after the river is dealt. All players remaining in the hand go in to showdown. At Showdown, all remaining players after the last round of betting then turn over their hands, with the best five card hand winning.