Omaha Hi Lo for Money

Omaha High Low Poker Overview

Omaha is one of the more popular Texas Hold’em types of poker games and many people have been drawn to it because it is pretty simple to learn as there are only very few variations to the old game. It is very easy to find Omaha poker games online and at some casinos that have made the game spread like wildfire. Some people are of the view that playing Omaha Poker is just as exhilarating as placing a bet on a horse at the races for example. The thrill and excitement it brings is without limits. Even playing online Omaha Poker can bring a sudden rush of adrenalin through your veins in no time at all. All those who have joined the game say that Omaha Poker is an exciting and action packed game, so do not sit on the sidelines and keep on regretting the fact that you do not know how to play poker especially the Omaha. Everything you need to start you into the game is given online. You can simply visit websites provided and check it out for yourself, before you know it you will be flinging the chips in no time at all. The rules of the game are quite simple to follow.

Omaha Hi Lo poker is the other name for Omaha High Low. It is a type of poker derived from Omaha Poker. It gets its name from the fact that in this game, the pot is split between the best hand called the high hand, and the worst hand called the lowest hand; and it is why the game is called High Low or Hi Lo in modern terms. Another name for it is Omaha/8.

Rules of the Omaha Hi Lo Poker

As we have seen, Omaha High Low which is also known as Hi Lo or Omaha/8 is called so because one of the rules in the game requires that the lowest hand in the game cannot have any card higher than 8 in it, in order to qualify as a low hand. It means, for example, that a hand with A2578 is a valid and acceptable low hand, which A2349 is not acceptable as a valid low hand, since the nine is too high; higher than 8.

A player should also keep it in mind that straights do not qualify a low hand, so A2345 which is commonly known as ‘the wheel’ is the lowest hand possible. Flushes also do not qualify a low hand, so A2345 of hearts is a valid low hand as well. As said earlier in this article, the Omaha Hi Lo or The Omaha High Low is basically a variant of the original Omaha Poker which in turn was derived from the Texas Hold’em. This makes the rules of playing these games quite similar except in the areas we have pointed out. You can see how it is very easy for any beginner who has read the rules online to simply get onboard and start trying their hands at Omaha Hi Lo Poker.

How to Play Omaha Hi Lo Poker

It is very simple indeed. All that you require is on the website at any of the sites that offer online poker of the Omaha type. Because it is a split pot game, Omaha Hi Lo poker is the most exciting poker game you can ever come across. The game has lots of action and players like to stay in until the river. The reason they do this is very simple, as players with a low hand would immediately be tempted to fold up by way of giving up; if they were playing Omaha Poker for example, they prefer to sit in till the river in Omaha Hi Lo. It is so, in Omaha poker because there it is required that the highest hand wins the entire pot. It is very different in Omaha Hi Lo because they would choose to play the same hand in this game as they would have a high chance of winning at least half of the pot.

Omaha Hi Lo poker is commonly played as a pot limit game. It can lead to some very huge, exciting pots, with multiple players betting and still choosing to raise it all the way to the river.