HORSE Poker for Money

Horse Poker Overview

HORSE is a type of Mixed Poker games. Mixed poker games have become the craze in modern poker. Mixed games are all the rage these days with poker players. They try to look for more and better ways to add zest and variety into their poker entertainment, as well as for the purposes of increasing their skills at the numerous games already available to them. With this in mind however, some of the many names and acronyms for the already existing poker games have been added and they keep growing.

One of the very popular of the mixed game formats is HORSE poker. It is a combination of Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi Lo, Razz Poker, Seven Card stud and Seven Card stud Hi Lo. This is the reason why HORSE is classified as one of mixed game poker. It is a mix of five different poker games as already named here. These games are always played in fixed limit format. HORSE poker has been growing quite popular over the recent past, especially in online poker.

HORSE Poker Rules

This game is quickly growing in popularity. The players keep honing their skills. As HORSE is an acronym of the most popular card games that have already been mastered by most poker players: H- for Limit Hold’em, O – for Limit Omaha Eight or Better (Hi/Lo), R – Razz Poker, S – Limit Seven Card Stud, E – Limit Stud Eight or Better (Hi/Lo); when you sit down at a HORSE table you will actually be playing these five common and very popular poker variations.

The rules for these five poker games that form HORSE will come into play when it is considered that HORSE is a Mixed Card game. In most of the ring game situations the games change each time the button has done a complete rotation on the table.

How to Play HORSE

HORSE poker is a mixed game format which is exactly what skilled players are looking for to challenge their skills. When selecting a HORSE table, you simply need to find a table with a limit that you are comfortable playing. Anytime you sit down to play HORSE, all the games will be in a limit format. So if you sit down at a $5/10 HORSE table, that means each game you play will be fixed limit at dollar 5 for the small bet and dollar 10 for the large bet. There is a clear uniformity on how often the games switch as well.

If you were to sit down at just a normal cash ring game to play HORSE, the game would change every time the dealer button makes a complete rotation around the table. So for example, the first game to start would be the Texas Hold’em as it is the first letter abbreviation ‘H’ in the HORSE acronym. The game will go on till the dealer button rotates again. Once the dealer button rotates around the table one more time and is back to the person it was for the first hand of Hold’em, the game, this time round; would switch to Omaha Hi Lo. The rotation then continues in the same manner as was seen in the case of Texas Hold’em. The button will continue in this manner for all the remaining games in the Mixed Game so that from Texas Hold’em the button would go round and the game would change to Omaha.The button would go round again and the game would change to the Razz, which is the third game in the mix. After Razz the button would go round again to a complete circle, or ring and this time the game would change to the next game in the acronym mix after R, which is S that stands for Seven Card Stud. Seven Card Stud also appears in this article as Limit Seven Card Stud. The game would continue in this manner until the button goes round again and this time the next letter in the acronym, HORSE, that follows S is the E. E stands for the type of poker game in the mix that is called Limit Stud Eight or Better (Hi/Lo).

The only thing a player should be careful to note is that, if you were to be playing a HORSE tournament; things would go in a little different manner. The difference would be that, rather than switching with each rotation of the button, the games switch every time the blind levels increase. The most important thing to try and consider is that to play HORSE, you must first start by learning to pay each of the other poker games in the mix. Again you should start HORSE by beginning to bet at lower levels till you get used to the game in order not to be frustrated with your bets. The player must also try to adapt very first and learn to switch from one game to the next and employ good tactics in each game. The player must be careful to note the opponents that might try to use different tactics from one game to the next.