Heads Up Poker for Money

Heads-Up-Poker Overview

There are very many sides to Heads-up-poker that make it the most entertaining game of poker that there is. It is a kind of poker game where you face just one opponent. It is a variation to the old style ring-game format. In the heads-up betting, the player must work out a strategy on not only how to treat the cards but also how to handle opponents based on their different characters and anticipated moves. Different players have different strategies and styles of play as they all seek to outdo one another in this highly competitive poker game.

Rules & How to Play

Your main strategy in making gains in Heads-up poker game is to know how to read the body language and style of your opponents. Most players are very aggressive, others are very tight and still a larger group carries both of the above characteristics. The main thing you must remember as a player is to always be aggressive in readiness for any type of player you might come across. The player must mark the opponents to assess what kind of players they are before formulating what strategy or tactics he is going to use to win the heads up poker game. For example, a player who does not go up easily in his bids is a tight player. An experienced heads up poker player knows how to take advantage of the opponents’ weakness after reading his style of play. It is mostly a very personal and unique style of play because you are one on one with your opponent and every mistake you make will cost you or can make you look foolish. Besides the fact that it is so simple, the game is also unique in that it is not just about the cards you hold in your hands, it is important to try and read the opponent’s mind and to guess what they have in their hands.

A player needs to force the opposition to pay to play because some players may like to limp into a pot with ten chips, which can be a disaster. Think aggressively and try to hide a flop from them. If your opponent calls, then you should go ahead and bet pot. It means a player is ready to bet the amount that is in the pot currently. It means that the player calling has a decent hand and if he folds them then you should know he is just drawing you out. It is required that you make a bet for two or three times the amount in the pot and aim at maximizing the amount of chips you can collect from the other player when you are confident of a winning hand in the heads up game. Once you remember that guessing your opponent’s mind and aggressiveness are the tactics to winning a heads up game of poker.

Bluffing the opponent to get them to guess wrongly about your hand and moves is another tactic. It can trick your opponent to start calling with right sized bets. It can be dangerous sometimes if the opponent decides to call the bluff. Another method is to calculate the outs and odds in heads up poker, and subtracting the sum total from thirteen, to compel their hand.

Pot odds are also used. They are the ratio of the current bet and the size of the pot. The usual rule is that your hand odds should be better than your pot odds in order to call a bet. A $40 pot and a $10 hand would be like; 4:1 pot odds.
All in all, the main thing is for players to win hands and to rake in huge monies. That is the fun of the Heads Up poker game, money and entertainment; even though tension can come into play as players try to sit tight with their cards and to call slow bets to avoid losing the game. The more experienced players would end up bullying the inexperienced ones and of course there are also those who are naturally timid in character; for Heads up poker is not just a game of the cards in your hands. It calls for tactics and aggressiveness, balanced to produce a winning hand.