Five Card Stud for Money

Five Card Stud Overview

Five-card stud is the first form of the card game stud poker. It begun during the American Civil War but is less commonly played today than many other poker games – this is very clear from its absence in the World Series of Poker. It is still however one of the most well known games in some parts of the world especially like in Finland where a specific variant of five-card stud is called “Soko”.

Five card stud is the original poker game which in the later years developed into different variations. This game is very similar to seven card stud and is played with the same rules but with ten (10) players. The only variation is that only one card is dealt face down to each player; there are then second, third, fourth streets and the river.

Each player has two cards in the beginning one face down one face up. The person sitting next to the dealers left begins the game. If the game is being played with bring in, this is done by the person with the lowest face up card. A bring in is a forced bet that is similar to all stud games. Unlike ante, it only requires one person and it counts as a bet for the opening round. If the game is being played without a bring in, the game begins with a check made by the person holding the highest cards face up. If there’s a tie ranking between two faces up cards, the person sitting closest (clockwise) to the dealer should proceed.

When the first round is over, players are dealt another face up card. Whoever has the highest ranking face up card places the first bet. Whoever is going first can choose either to bet up to the check or limit. The same thing will happen in the third and fourth betting round until the showdown. More often, the game finishes before reaching the showdown due to no further calls being made.

Rules for Five Card Stud

Draw games are played with blinds, like flop games. Each player is dealt with five hidden hole cards. The first player after the big blind has the choice to fold, call or raise. The action continues clockwise around the poker table until the betting is finished. After the betting round is complete, there will be a draw. Each player has the opportunity to choose which card to discard if any. By choosing the card you are planning to discard the second time, you remove it from the discard set. Discarding continues around the poker table clockwise. When it is the players turn to discard, you choose the button to discard the selected card. After the first draw, there is another round of betting. This begins with the first active player to the left of the button. In draw games it is possible for more cards to be needed by the players than are left in the deck.

The player with the best five card hand wins the pot. After the pot is given to the best hand, a new round of five card draw is ready to be played. If two or more hands have the same value, the award is equally divided among winners.

How to Play Five Card Stud

These are the step by step sequences in playing five card stud poker:

  • Each player is required to place his or her ante into the pot. The player is given a five card facing down. The player on the dealer’s left will start the bet or pass. If he chooses to pass, play is differed to the player on his left.
  • The players on the left may then either bet or pass too.
  • Gather the cards if every player passes. Ante again, and have the player to the dealer’s left deal a fresh hand.
  • Have subsequent player’s either call, raise, or fold after a player opens a hand in betting. It gives each surviving player an option to exchange some cards for an equal number of them from the top of the deck.
  • Start another round of betting after every player discards and gets a replacement card.
  • Have the players who have not folded show their hands followed by another betting round. The player with the highest hand poker gets all the chips that are in the pot.