Badugi for Money

Badugi Overview

Badugi was originally a poker game from Korea and moved to the west just in the last two years. There are also claims that the Badugi is from a similar European game. Years ago, 2 years to be specific, no one knew the game Badugi aside from the Koreans. Badugi is the same as the game called triple draw four card games where the low hand wins.

Badugi poker is a new and upcoming poker game that is making its name as one of the best loved poker game to many players sick and tired of playing old poker games. There are lots of online poker games that are available at online casinos adding this new game the Badugi poker. One reason that Badugi poker is becoming popular nowadays is that a majority of the players of Badugi are inexperienced.

Badugi is a very odd game compared to the other major poker games played. It is similar to A-5 triple draw poker in that each player gets dealt 4 cards and is allowed to draw 3 times. In playing Badugi there are 2 objectives: to get the lowest 4 card and to have 4 different suits. One example; A-2-4-4 in all different suits is the lowest possible hand.

Rules of Badugi Poker

Badugi poker is not a complex game to play since the rules are clear and easy to understand. Always remember that the Badugi poker is a game of 4 cards, triple draw lowball poker. It is usually played by 6 people.

Betting Round Rules

Betting depends on whether the game is played with a limit, pot limit or a half limit. In a limit game, the players can only raise the bet based on the incremental unit per round. The pot limit game allows the player to bet any amount from the minimum, equal to the big blind up to the maximum current pot value. During the betting round, the player gets to choose whether to call the bet, check, raise or fold the card and leave. The player’s betting decision depends on the card combination.

Card Drawing Rules

Badugi player’s have three card drawing rounds. Each round may need you to maintain or replace from one to four cards. The goal of the player is to have the lowest card (Badugi). The Badugi game is a four hand card where there are no cards that are of the same value. If you are not lucky enough to have a Badugi card then discard as follows.

  1. Hand 1- Aces of club, Aces of diamond, 3 spades, and 7 hearts. Aces of club and diamond are aces so remove one ace so that only one will remain. The result will be three card hands: Ace of club, 3 spades and 7 hearts.
  2. Hand 2- Ace of club, 5 diamonds, 7 diamonds, and 3 clubs. The higher diamond and club will be discarded. The result is a 2 hand card: Ace of club and 5 diamonds.
  3. Badugi Hand Evaluation And Ranking
  • A Badugi is the best hand and wins over the 3-,2- or 1-card hands. If there are two or more players with Badugi, the lower Badugi wins. It’s the same rule that applies if the top ranking hands are 3 or 2 hands; hands with are lower will win.
  • In case there is a tie between two or more players, the pot money will be subdivided among them.

How to Play Badugi

Badugi is sometimes called Asian poker. It is very easy to play especially if you have the knowledge in playing the classic poker. To avoid confusion, focus on how to play Badugi and avoid comparing it to other poker games.

Badugi is a four card poker game where the ultimate goal of a player is to get the lowest badugi. A Badugi is a hand in which there is no same value for a card. If there are two or more cards of the same value or suits, the lowest value shall remain and the other will be discarded. The hand may then become 3 cards, 2 cards or even 1 card hand. This game can be played by six players and before the game starts the players must agree on the big blind and the betting variations. They will choose whether it will be Limit, Pot limit or Half Pot Limit.

There are four betting rounds. The first round is the initial dealing of four cards to each player. The second, third and the fourth or final rounds follow the first, second and third card drawing rounds respectively. The bets are increased within each betting round.
To achieve a winning hand, the players must select not to draw any card or draw from one to four cards. In drawing cards, the players take turns starting from the one on the left of the dealer going clockwise. After a card drawing round is completed, the play proceeds to the next betting round.

After the fourth betting round, if there are still plenty of players left, a showdown will determine who is going to win. The cards are placed on the table face up for evaluation. The winning hand will then be declared the winner